Banking or Green? Try not to money Launder
Published on May 5, 2021


CRB Monitor founder & CEO, Steve Kemmerling was interviewed by Ronjini Joshua, CEO/Founder of Green Seed PR, and Rhian Humphies for The Green Room Podcast series. The podcast interviews experts on the green tech and cannabis industries.

As the cannabis industry becomes more of a prominent business throughout the United States, understanding how to access banking services is an important consideration.  In the podcast, Steve sheds light on what cannabis businesses can be doing to now to better position themselves so financial institutions will begin to take them more seriously for deposit and lending relationships.

Key Points Covered

  • Current and pending federal legislation that could impact the cannabis industry and the current data that surrounds it
  • Understanding of "cannabis" and "Cannabis-Related Businesses"
  • How to more effectively position cannabis businesses to reflect today’s market and regulatory realities, without leaving undue risk or opportunity to chance 

Listen/Watch the full podcast here

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About Green Seed PR

Green Seed PR is a full-service boutique public relations agency focusing on serving cannabis, wellness and green tech brands, working with mainstream digital and social media to raise awareness of cannabis business. 


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