Digital Asset Corporate Intelligence for the Securities Industry

Uncover and explore connections to the universe of publicly traded digital asset-related businesses (DARBs) with CRB Monitor’s exhaustive database of digital asset-linked securities and associated risk classifications.

Comprehensive, Global Coverage

CRB Monitor’s research team performs a daily global search of publicly traded DARBs and their traded securities. We exhaustively identify, classify, and bring all relevant information together - so you don’t have to.

  • DARB securities from 28 global markets

  • Country of regulation ratings on regulatory transparency, effectiveness and enforcement

  • Coverage of broad range of security types including common equity, preferred equity, rights, warrants, units, convertible debt, ETPs, and DARB-themed market indices

  • Coverage of all issuers with a connection to the digital-asset ecosystem, through their direct and indirect exposure to cryptocurrencies, NFTs and asset-based tokens

Remove the Guesswork with
Built-In Risk Tiering

Tier 1a - Digital Asset-touching Businesses
 e.g., TradeStation Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRAD)

Tier 1b - Owners and Investors of Tier 1A DARBs, Digital Asset-themed ETPs & Market Indexes
 e.g., BIGG Digital Assets Inc (CSE: BIGG)

Tier 2 - Companies Providing Services to Tier 1 DARBs as a
PRIMARY Revenue Source
 e.g., Northern Data AG (XETRA: NB2)

Tier 3 - Companies providing services to Tier 1 DARBs as an INCIDENTAL Revenue Service
 e.g., Otter Tail Corporation (Nasdaq: OTTR)

CRB Monitor Tier Definitions for
Digital Asset-related Businesses