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Q4 2020 CRB Monitor Newsletter
Published on April 2, 2021


Welcome to CRB Monitor's quarterly newsletter. Are you a data nerd? Enjoy keeping up with the latest cannabis headlines? Or on the lookout for industry events to improve your institution’s approach to cannabis risk and compliance? 

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There is no shortage of cannabis-banking industry news to digest. We hope what follows will help you reflect and strategize for what’s next.

Hashing Out the Truth

CRB Monitor’s database growth by the numbers.

Tier 1 Marijuana-Related Business Counts

Q4 Summary: 40,612 1A MRBs + 2,408 1B MRBs = 43,020 total





Marijuana Business Licenses Counts


Beneficial Owners Count


Beneficial Owners Defined: For beneficial owners, each economic owner or controlling person is classified into one or more categories based on his/her relationship to the linked CRB, including: (1) Owner/Investor; (2) Board Member; (3) Corporate Officer; (4) Executive; (5) Non-commercial Registered Agent; or (6) Senior Manager.

Steve’s Take

Recent speaking events and product launches with Steven Kemmerling, CRB Monitor Founder and CEO.

Conference of State Bank Supervisors Trust Forum Steve virtually presented to the Conference of State Bank Supervisors on October 14, 2020 at their annual Trust Forum event. 

CRB Monitor Announces a New Data Partnership with Refinitiv Steve teamed up with Refinitiv's Holly Sais Phillippi, Head of Risk Proposition Sales, to host a product launch webinar on MRB Check.

CRB Monitor Announces a New Data Partnership with NICE Actimize Steve and NICE Actimize's Ted Sausen, AML Subject Matter Expert, hosted a product launch webinar on Better KYC: Tackling Risk Related to the Cannabis Industry.

Just the Facts

Articles from the CRB Monitor blog.

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