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Published on October 30, 2020


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2020 has been a whirlwind, and despite all the disruption — or perhaps due to it — there has been no shortage of cannabis-banking industry news to digest. We hope what follows will help you reflect and strategize for what’s next.

Hashing Out the Truth

CRB Monitor’s database growth by the numbers.

Tier 1 Marijuana-Related Business Counts

Q3 Summary: 38,381 1A MRBs + 2,230 1B MRBs = 40,611 total


NewsLetter_Graphs_1A MRBs_r1


NewsLetter_Graphs_1B MRB_r1

Marijuana Business Licenses Count

NewsLetter_Graphs_Business License Counts_r1-1-1

Beneficial Owner Count

NewsLetter_Graphs_Beneficial Owners Count_r1

STEVE'S TAKE - Recent speaking events with Steven Kemmerling, CRB Monitor Founder and CEO.

Banking MRBs: Blunt Talk on Managing AML/KYC Compliance

CRB Monitor's Steve Kemmerling took part in the Risk Revealed Webinar Series hosted by Refinitiv, which brings together risk and compliance experts from across financial markets and corporates to discuss how data and technology solutions can help mitigate risk exposure to business.

Let's Talk Cannabis: Data and Corporate Intelligence in Banking

Steven Kemmerling joined Burns & Levinson attorneys Scott Moskol and Katrina Skinner for a discussion on industry trends and insights into corporate intelligence for cannabis banking compliance. Listen to the recording here.

JUST THE FACTSThe latest articles from CRB Monitor Blog

Why FinCen's Marijuana Banking Count is Too High

The ABC's of CBD: Cannabis Cheat Sheet for Compliance Officers

News of Note

FinCEN Files: Dirty Money Pours into World's Most Powerful Banks

"The Cannabis Industry Isn't UnBanked, It's Underbanked and Underserviced."

(Meaningless?) Federal Vote on Marijuana Legalization Is on the Horizon


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