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CRB Monitor Cannabis-Linked Securities November 2020 Update
Published on December 23, 2020

James B. Francis, CFA
Director of Publicly Traded Securities Research, CRB Monitor

CRB Monitor Securities Database Updates, November 2020

CRB November Database UpdatesSource: CRB Monitor

CRB Monitor Securities Database Highlights

Of the thousands of announcements and filings reviewed during October 2020, our research resulted in a total 336 updates to the CRB Monitor database (64 updates to issuers’ records, 272 news releases added). The complete list of securities and detail for these updates can be found in the CRB Monitor database.

Select M&A/Subsidiary Highlights:

Name/Ticker Symbol



Village Farms Intl. (TSX: VFF)

Tier 1B

VFF Completes Acquisition of Pure Sunfarms

Ayr Strategies (CSE: AYR.A)

Tier 1B

Ayr Strategies Completes Acquisition of DocHouse in Pennsylvania

TerrAscend Corp. (CSE: TER)      

Tier 1B

TerrAscend Opens New Apothecarium Dispensary in Capitola, California

Thoughtful Brands Inc. (CSE:TBI)

Tier 1B

Thoughtful Brands Acquires American CBD Extraction Corp

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE: TRUL)

Tier 1B

Trulieve Completes Pennsylvania PurePenn and Solevo Wellness Equity Acquisitions

Blackhawk Growth Corp. (CSE: BLR)

Tier 1B

Blackhawk Completes Acquisition of Revenue Generating Noble Line and to Arrange Share Consolidation

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. (TSX: FAF)

Tier 1B

Fire & Flower to Acquire Leading Ontario Cannabis Retailer Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp

High Tide (CSE: HITI)

Tier 1B

High Tide Completes Acquisition of Meta Growth


Security/Exchange Highlights:

Name/Ticker Symbol



Fiore Cannabis Ltd. (CSE: FIOR)

Name Change

Name changed from Citation Growth Corp. 

Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE)

Name Change

Name changed from Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.

Captor Capital Corp. (CSE: CPTR)

Stock Delisting

Security no longer listed on OTC Mkts

Meta Growth Corp. (private)

Stock Delisting

Acquired by HITI and delisted from TSXV

High Tide (CSE: HITI)

New Listing

Acquired META and listed on CSE

Youngevity International, Inc. (NAS: YGYI)

Stock Delisting

Security no longer listed on Nasdaq

4Front Ventures Corp. (CSE: FFNT.WT)

New Listing

Warrants approved for listing on CSE

Cosmos Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: COSM)

New Listing

Security upgraded to OTCQX

Plant & Co. Brands Inc. (CSE: VEGN)

ID/Name Change

Name & symbol changed from EuroLife Brands Inc. (CSE:EURO)


Risk Tier/Inclusion Updates in CRB Monitor      

Name/Ticker Symbol



Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP)  

Moved from Watchlist to Tier 1B

Announced acquisition of cannabis business in the EU

Neurotech International Limited (ASX: NTI)

Upgrade –Tier 3 to Tier 2

Cannabis now primary revenue source

Akers Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: AKER)

Moved from Watchlist to Tier 2

Announced merger w/CRB

Andina Acquisition Corp III (CSE: ANDA)

Downgrade – Tier 1B to Tier 2

Terminated acquisition w/EMMAC Life Sciences

Captor Capital Corp. (CSE: CPTR)

Removed from DB

Security no longer listed on OTC Mkts

Two Hands Corp. (OTC: TWOH)

Removed from DB

Discontinued cannabis strategy


Select New Additions to CRB Monitor

Name/Ticker Symbol


KICS Sector

TransGlobal Assets, Inc. (OTC: TMSH)

Tier 2

CBD – Food, Beverage, & Tobacco

Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NAS: JUPW)

Tier 2

CBD - Biotechnology

Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP)  

Tier 1B

Diversified Cannabis

Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. (NAS: HYFM)

Tier 2

Agriculture and Farm Machinery

Calyxt Inc. (NAS: CLXT)

Tier 3

IT Services


Cannabis-Linked Equity Performance

By and large, cannabis-linked equities benefitted from the results of the November elections, which had positive implications for both state and federal levels. As we wrote in the October 2020 CRB Monitor securities newsletter, five states (Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Oregon) had cannabis-related measures on the November ballot, and voters showed their overwhelming support for legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. In addition, a Biden-Harris victory was positive news for cannabis as well given that decriminalization was on their campaign platform. With that said, legalization will be an uphill battle at the congressional level, and we might see delays in moving cannabis-related legislation forward, given higher priorities (COVID-19/health care, the US economy) heading into 2021.

We continue to track the performance of the CRB Monitor index of Top 10 Tier 1 cannabis securities. The equally-weighted basket of the largest Tier 1 companies surged in November, up 42% and extending its winning performance from the prior month. The big winner in the basket was Aphria, Inc. (CSE:APHA), returning more than 84% as the company announced in early November its strategic entry into the United States with its acquisition of Sweetwater Brewing Company. Tilray, Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY) had spectacular performance as well (+58%) in spite of an earnings downgrade mid-month. And GW Pharmaceuticals ADRs (Nasdaq: GWPH) rebounded, up more than 55% after languishing in the month of October.

CRB November Top 10 ReturnsSource: CRB Monitor, Sentieo

CRB Monitor “Top 10” Tier 1 Cannabis Companies – November 2020 Performance

CRB November Top 10 PerformanceSource: CRB Monitor, Sentieo

CRBs In the News – November 2020

CRB November In the News

November was an active month for news related to publicly-traded cannabis companies. The following is a sampling of highlights (with links to the articles) from the November 2020 cannabis news cycle, as tracked by CRB Monitor. Included are CRB Monitor’s proprietary Risk Tiers.

Wondering what a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 CRB is?

See our seminal ACAMS Today white paper Defining "Marijuana-Related Business" and its update Defining "Cannabis-Related Business"

Interested in learning more about the CRB Monitor Securities Database? Visit our website to request more information and to  get in touch with our team.

The information provided herein presents general information and should not be relied on as legal advice. If you have specific questions regarding a fact, please consult with competent legal counsel about the facts and laws that apply.

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