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Hedgeye: Cannabis Banking | Updating the Challenges Financial Institutions Face
Published on December 21, 2021

On December 22nd, CRB Monitor's Steve Kemmerling spoke with Hedgeye's Howard Penney regarding the on-going the federal legislative landscape for cannabis and cannabis-banking. 

Listen HERE.

Cannabis has moved to a Tier 1 policy issue in DC and many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are clamoring for reform. This powerful combination has never been seen in a prohibition era, but will that mean we will see some form of Cannabis legalization happen before the 2022 mid-terms or a 2023 (or later) event? Will it happen under the current administration?

Key Points Covered

  • Why SAFE failed and what is the likely next move?

  • How can financial institutions can create cannabis policies and procedures to more effectively reflect today's market and regulatory realities without leaving undue risk or opportunity to change.

  • Why are JP Morgan and other Large Financial institutions increasing enforcement around Cannabis now?

  • Is this a move because the big banks know Legalizations is coming?

  • Expectations for incremental legalization in 2022?  

About Hedgeye

In 2008, Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC was created to help provide Hedge fund-quality research for everyday investors. The founding principles of transparency, accountability and trust create a level playing field between everyday investors and Wall Street. The risk management approach to investing is different than what is custom because Hedgeye's process helps investors make better investment decisions by delivering the sharpest research around.

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