Fireside Chat with Hedgeye on Cannabis Banking


CRB Monitor's Steve Kemmerling virtually sat down with Howard Penney and Daniel Biolsi from Hedgeye to discuss the rapidly changing landscape involving cannabis and cannabis banking on March 9, 2021. 

The legal status of marijuana has created compliance conflicts for financial institutions both large and small, including the recent election with the implications of the changing regulations.  The discussion provided practical guidance on the challenges financial institutions face in managing risk and the opportunities for institutions looking to invest in the cannabis industry.

Key Points Covered

  • Current and pending federal legislation that could impact the cannabis industry and its access to financial services
  • How to more effectively create cannabis policies and procedures to reflect today’s market and regulatory realities, without leaving undue risk or opportunity to chance   
  • Defining various type of "cannabis" and "Cannabis-Related Businesses" and summarize each category's legal/regulatory risk and opportunity
  • The implications of rescheduling and de-scheduling
  • An estimated timetable of how long various regulatory changes require

About Hedgeye

In 2008, Hedgeye Risk Management, LLC was created to help provide Hedge fund-quality research for everyday investors. The founding principles of transparency, accountability and trust create a level playing field between everyday investors and Wall Street. The risk management approach to investing is different than what is custom because Hedgeye's process helps investors make better investment decisions by delivering the sharpest research around.

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