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Defining Marijuana-Related Businesses
Published on September 20, 2016


What is a marijuana-related business?

Many financial Institutions don't have a clear comprehension of what is a Marijuana Related Business (MRB), and therefore have unclear or incomplete policies for managing risks from this new, emerging industry.

CRB Monitor, CEO and Founder Steve Kemmerling, defines and shares a detailed framework for defining a MRB to help financial institutions with understanding, regulating and therefore creating internal policy.

Download the article to learn about:

  • How the Controlled Substance Act classifies marijuana
  • Defining general categories of MRBs into a three risk-based tiers
  • A jumping off point for how to better evaluate risk and opportunity related to MRBs  

Deciding to bank or looking to avoid marijuana customers, our database of cannabis-related corporate intelligence enables financial institutions to reveal connections and evaluate risk and opportunity.  Contact us through our live chat today!

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