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CRB Monitor Crosses the 1,300 Publicly-Traded Cannabis Issuers Threshold
Published on April 8, 2021


We’re excited to announce that our global database of cannabis-linked securities has grown to include more than 1,300 publicly-traded, cannabis-linked issuers and more than 1,500 securities.

The ascent to 1,300 issuers has not happened overnight, but was driven by an increase in institutional investors’ interest in marijuana, hemp, and CBD and as more cannabis-related businesses leverage public markets for capital. “Our rigorous, daily securities research has resulted in the addition of hundreds of companies that have a connection to the cannabis industry,” said James Francis, CFA, CRBM’s Managing Director of Securities Product and Research.

The CRB Monitor database, which provides front, middle, and back office professionals with critical details of cannabis-linked securities listed globally, has become an essential source of information for financial institutions, including:

  • Proprietary Cannabis Risk Tier
  • Underlying Corporate Structure for Tier 1 CRBs, including plant-touching subsidiaries
  • Underlying Cannabis License Classification (Medical, Recreational, Hemp)
  • Underlying Cannabis License Type (Cultivation, Dispensary, Extraction, etc.)
  • Geographic exposure for Tier 1 CRBs
  • Cannabis-linked Sector
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary exchange listings and tickers
  • Complete directory of ETFs and market indexes

Compiling a Single Source of Truth

“Since our inception in 2014, largely as a compliance-focused cannabis-monitoring platform, CRB Monitor has emerged as an essential source of market intelligence for a wide range of finance professionals,” remarked Steve Kemmerling, CRB Monitor’s founder and CEO.  “Given the recent developments in legalization at the state and federal levels, the demand for a comprehensive source of information on private and public cannabis- related businesses, and their traded securities, has grown significantly and we are well-positioned to meet that demand.”

As demand for a comprehensive cannabis corporate intelligence has grown, so too have the number of use cases for its data. Investment professionals are now utilizing CRB Monitor as a comprehensive and reliable source of data for: 

  • Benchmarks & Indexing
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Risk Modeling
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Performance Attribution & Reporting

“The result of our hard work has been that CRB Monitor has become the gold standard for financial institutions who need to incorporate cannabis into their daily investment policies,” said Kemmerling.

Reaching New Milestones

Though this is a significant milestone for our team, it’s only one stop on an ongoing journey. As the market continues to change and grow, we will continue to monitor and add critical information to better serve investors and finance professionals in the years ahead. 

For monthly and quarterly insight into the world of cannabis-securities, follow along on our blog for the latest numbers and analysis provided by James Francis. You can read the Q4 2020 update here and the February 2021 update here.

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