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CRB Monitor | Weekly Update | June 22 - June 28, 2024
Published on July 3, 2024

CRB Monitor Database: Charting Growth

Active cannabis business licenses continued to fall, dropping by 103 to 51,295 this week. Total cannabis business licenses also declined to 67,173. However, Tier 1A cannabis-related businesses increased by 30, and Tier 1B added 13 businesses. Beneficial owners dropped by 56.

Tier 1 Cannabis-Related Business Counts

Weekly Summary: 83,300 1A CRBs + 4,039 1B CRBs = 86,339 total


Tier 1A defined: Businesses in this tier literally touch the cannabis plant at some point along the supply chain from "seed to sale," and are generally licensed by a government agency or regulator. Effectively all of their actual or expected revenue is derived from the cultivation, production, testing or sale of cannabis. 

1B CRBs 

Tier 1B defined: Businesses that have a financial or controlling interest in a Tier 1A CRB. CRB Monitor generally considers 1B businesses as seemingly unrelated businesses highlighted as red flags by FinCEN in its marijuana banking guidance and are similar in nature to individual beneficial owners. 

Cannabis Business Licenses

Note: Inactive licenses, unlicensed, and unknown licenses have been excluded.

Beneficial Owners Count

Beneficial owners defined: For beneficial owners, each economic owner or controlling person is classified into one or more categories based on their relationship to the linked CRB including: (1) Owner/Investor, (2) Board Member, (3) Corporate Officer, (4) Executive, (5) Non-commercial Registered Agent or (6) Senior Manager. 

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Cannabis News of Note

A selection of relevant cannabis-related news. Items marked with logo_color_markonly 20px indicate links to licensed business profiles in the CRB Monitor database.

Adverse Media

Voluntary Recall for NOCO Farm Flower in Colorado logo_color_markonly 20px
Alkemist Vape Cartridge Voluntarily Recalled in California for Pesticide logo_color_markonly 20px
Kuma Flower Recalled in Colorado for Yeast and Mold logo_color_markonly 20px


Federal Court Dismisses Marijuana Companies’ Lawsuit Challenging Prohibition logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px
Nationwide Certification Rejected In Suit Over Stolen Curaleaf Tips logo_color_markonly 20px
Judge Won't Block Iowa Hemp Law Regulating THC Limits
Parallel settles New York lawsuit, but more litigation still looms logo_color_markonly 20px
New York’s OCM distracted with over 20 lawsuits
NY Regulators Say Pot Companies' Bid Would Ruin Industry logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px
SD State's Attorney Agrees Not To Enforce Hemp Law
Calif. Pot Co. Accused Of 'Lab Shopping' To Skirt Safety Rules logo_color_markonly 20px

Legalization & Regulation

Louisiana bans THCA flower, sale of hemp products at gas stations
Delaware Senate Passes Bill To Let Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Begin Adult-Use Sales Early
IRS Says Cannabis Businesses Can’t Take Tax Deductions Until Rescheduling Is Finalized
Marijuana Rescheduling Won’t Affect Drug Testing For Truckers, Transportation Secretary Says
Calif. pot recalls surge following SFGATE investigation
GOP Congressional Panel Moves To Block Marijuana Rescheduling in Funding Bill

Licensing Related

Montana Considers Halting New Licenses Until 2027
MD to Hold Cannabis License Lotteries Following End of Litigation logo_color_markonly 20px
Kentucky Launches Medical Marijuana Applications Six Months Early


NYC Launches Social Equity Cannabis Loan Fund as State Pauses Its Program logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px
Pesticide scandal shakes confidence in California cannabis market logo_color_markonly 20px
TYSON 2.0 Expands in Washington State Through Partnership with Perfect Harvest
Glass House Brands Inc. shareholders elected board members logo_color_markonly 20px
Curaleaf Chair Talks About Global Cannabis Expansion logo_color_markonly 20px


Cilo Cybin becomes first medical cannabis company to list in South Africa logo_color_markonly 20px


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