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CRB Monitor | Weekly Update | June 15 - June 21, 2024
Published on June 26, 2024

CRB Monitor Database: Charting Growth

Cannabis business licenses fell by 324 this week, with drops in all three categories. However, Tier 1A cannabis-related businesses grew by 65, and Tier 1B added 10 businesses. Beneficial owners increased by 75.

Tier 1 Cannabis-Related Business Counts

Weekly Summary: 82,270 1A CRBs + 4,026 1B CRBs = 86,296 total


1A CRB-062424
Tier 1A defined: Businesses in this tier literally touch the cannabis plant at some point along the supply chain from "seed to sale," and are generally licensed by a government agency or regulator. Effectively all of their actual or expected revenue is derived from the cultivation, production, testing or sale of cannabis. 

1B CRBs 

1B CRB-062424
Tier 1B defined: Businesses that have a financial or controlling interest in a Tier 1A CRB. CRB Monitor generally considers 1B businesses as seemingly unrelated businesses highlighted as red flags by FinCEN in its marijuana banking guidance and are similar in nature to individual beneficial owners. 

Cannabis Business Licenses

Note: Inactive licenses, unlicensed, and unknown licenses have been excluded.

Beneficial Owners Count

Beneficial owners defined: For beneficial owners, each economic owner or controlling person is classified into one or more categories based on their relationship to the linked CRB including: (1) Owner/Investor, (2) Board Member, (3) Corporate Officer, (4) Executive, (5) Non-commercial Registered Agent or (6) Senior Manager. 

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Cannabis News of Note

A selection of relevant cannabis-related news. Items marked with logo_color_markonly 20px indicate links to licensed business profiles in the CRB Monitor database.

Adverse Media

Arkansas Judge Denies Stay on Dispensary License Revocation logo_color_markonly 20px
Nevada Regulators Warn Kynd Balance Gummies by LivFree Wellness Were Mislabeled logo_color_markonly 20px
Colorado Warns About Contaminated Flower from Adam’s Green Crossing logo_color_markonly 20px
Colorado AG sues cannabis business for falsely marketing marijuana products as legal hemp
MedMen creditors likely out millions, trustee and receiver documents say logo_color_markonly 20px
ExWorks terminates receiver agreement for High Times properties logo_color_markonly 20px
Cannabis Biz Greenrose Files $6.5M Ch. 7 In New York
Maryland cannabis dispensary fined for ownership violations logo_color_markonly 20px


Cannabis vape tech maker accused of illegal monopoly tactics
Teamsters Say Calif. Pot Shop's Deal Was With 'Sham' Union logo_color_markonly 20px
Verano Rejects Goodness Growth’s $861M Claim From Terminated Merger Agreement logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px
Iowa-based beverage companies sue the state over new THC limits
AL Appeals Court Dismisses Case Challenging the Licensing Process, Lets Another to Continue logo_color_markonly 20px

Legalization & Regulation

Missouri marijuana regulators have a new chief equity officer
Florida’s Marijuana Ballot Measure Keeps Breaking Fundraising Records
Congressional Researchers: Proposed Changes To Hemp Rules Could ‘Create Confusion’
State AGs and Former DEA Leaders Request Public Hearing on Marijuana Rescheduling Proposal
Montana considers ban on new dispensaries through 2027
New law gives at least 3 Black farmers a shot at marijuana licenses
DE House Passes Bill to Launch Recreational Cannabis Sales Through Existing Medical Dispensaries
North Carolina Senate Passes Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana
MA Inspector General Calls For Receiver to Manage ‘Rudderless’ Cannabis Commission
NM Congressman Seeks to Block Feds from Seizing Marijuana from State-Legal Businesses

Licensing Related

Massachusetts CCC Approved Fix to Island Supply Problem logo_color_markonly 20px
New York Continues Its Hot Streak Of License Approvals
Ohio Regulators Issue Provisional Marijuana Licenses To Dozens Of Businesses
The Vermont CCB will begin issuing licenses for Propagation Cultivators after July 1
Missouri regulators post results of the second round of its cannabis microbusiness license lottery
Minnesota cannabis social-equity verification opens


Cannabist Bails on Florida Ahead of Adult-Use Vote logo_color_markonly 20px
Pennsylvania marijuana operators vexed by state-mandated software logo_color_markonly 20px
MediPharm Labs Acquires Medical Cannabis Delivery Technology from Remidose Aerosols logo_color_markonly 20px logo_color_markonly 20px
Blüm nets $24.8M in sale of California cannabis store amid restructuring logo_color_markonly 20px
Michigan passes California in marijuana units sold, per capita spend and more
Cronos Group pumps $51M into joint venture to expand cannabis production logo_color_markonly 20px
California’s high-profile cannabis failure list is growing fast

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