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Cannabis Q&A: Charlie Bachtell of Cresco Labs
Published on September 1, 2022


James B. Francis, CFA
Chief Research Officer, CRB Monitor

In episode two of Cannabis Q&A, James Francis is joined by Charlie Bachtell, Founder and CEO of Cresco Labs, currently one of the largest multi-state operators in the legal cannabis industry. Charlie is an attorney and brings with him deep legal expertise in both corporate governance and complex regulatory compliance. He led the expansion efforts for Cresco through merit-based applications and a successful M & A strategy and works tirelessly to ensure that Cresco remains an industry leader, setting new standards for a progressive, transparent and reputable cannabis community, and operating at all times in a professional, secure and compliant manner.

Mr. Bachtell and James had a stimulating conversation that is loaded with his insights into several topics, all of which could have a profound impact on the cannabis industry, in the near term and in going forward:

  • The global macroeconomy and its impact on the cannabis industry
  • The current state of cannabis legalization in the United States
  • Achieving success in an ever-evolving cannabis industry
  • The timing and decision behind Cresco’s pending acquisition of Tier 1 MSO Columbia Care, which is expected to close by the end of 2022

Wondering what a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 CRB is?

See our seminal ACAMS Today white paper Defining "Marijuana-Related Business" and its update Defining "Cannabis-Related Business"

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