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Cannabis-Linked Securities Update | Week of November 15, 2021
Published on November 23, 2021

CRB Monitor Securities Database Updates

During the week of Monday November 15, 2021, CRB Monitor’s research team made several updates to securities’ information and added source documents & relevant news articles to the CRB Monitor database. Here is a summary of the updates for the Week of Monday November 15, 2021:


Total #

Active / Inactive



Net Change

Tier 1A


88 / 18

+0 -0 +0

Tier 1B


577 / 107


-0 +1

Tier 2


321 / 26


-1 +0

Tier 3


525 / 19




Total Issuances


1,511 / 170




Total Issuers







  • Added 1 Tier 1B Security:
    • +1 = New CRB ("Doseology Sciences Inc.")
  • Added 1 Tier 2 Security & Removed 1 Tier 2 Security:
    • +1 = New CRB ("Cellular Goods PLC")
    • -1 = Remove from Database & Add to the Watchlist: "Ficaar, Inc." (Rationale = Previously involved in the cannabis industry whereby it leased properties to cannabis cultivators in the United States. However, recently completed a merger and "as a result, changed its business focus from engaging in the cannabis industry.” - No longer has any connection to the cannabis industry and/or intent to enter it.)
  • Added 2 Tier 3 Securities:
    • +1 = New CRB ("Virpax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.")
    • +1 = New CRB ("Flexible Solutions International, Inc.")

All newly-identified CRBs during the week:

Company Name





Doseology Sciences Inc.


1B Owner/Investor Doseology is a diversified life sciences company focusing on functional mushroom products for the health and wellness markets. Through its subsidiary, holds a Canadian Federal Nursery License for an indoor cannabis nursery and for the cultivation/sale of cannabis mothers/clones in Canada.


Cellular Goods PLC


2 Pharma & Biotech

Cellular Goods PLC is a UK-based consumer cannabinoid company. Cellular Goods is a provider of premium consumer pharmaceutical products based on lab-made cannabinoids.


Virpax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


3 Pharma & Biotech

Specializes in developing product candidates for pain management, CNS disorders and anti-viral indications; Acquired the right to develop, manufacture, market and sell a molecular envelope platform technology for the nasal delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) for the management of epilepsy in adults and children.


Flexible Solutions International, Inc.

(NYSE Amex: FSI)

3 Pharma & Biotech

Develops, manufactures, and markets specialty chemicals, which slow the evaporation of water; Holds an equity investment in a California-based company which is involved in the development of cannabinoids for consumer and pharmaceutical applications.



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