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Cannabis-Linked Securities | Weekly Update | January 10 - 16, 2022
Published on January 21, 2022

CRB Monitor Securities Database Updates

During the week of Monday January 10, 2022, CRB Monitor’s research team made several updates to securities and added source documents and relevant news articles to the CRB Monitor database.

Summary of the updates for the Week of Monday January 10, 2022:


Total #

Active / Inactive



Net Change

Tier 1A


88 / 18

+0 -0 +0

Tier 1B


580 / 108

+3 -0 +3

Tier 2


327 / 25

+0 -0 +0

Tier 3


547 / 21

+1 -1 +0

Total Issuances


1,542 / 172


-1 +3

Total Issuers




-1 +3


  • Added 3 Tier 1B Securities:
    • +1 = New CRB ("Instadose Pharma Corp.")
    • +1 = New CRB ("Trees Corporation")
    • +1 = New CRB ("Active Health Foods, Inc.")
  • Added 1 Tier 3 Security & Removed 1 Tier 3 Security:
    • +1 = New CRB ("SusGlobal Energy Corp.")
    • -1 = Removed from Database & Added to Watchlist ("Apollo Healthcare Corp.")
      • Rationale for Removal  = Apollo Healthcare Corp. completed a plan of arrangement with privately-held Anjac SAS, a family-owned industrial group based in France that develops pharmaceuticals, medical devices and beauty products. Pursuant to the agreement, Anjac acquired 100% of Apollo. As a result, Apollo will delist from all exchanges. "Apollo will also apply to cease to be a reporting issuer under applicable securities laws and to cease to be an offering." Given that Apollo is no longer publicly-traded and does not have any connection to any public CRB, discarding this business record from the database and adding Apollo to the watchlist. CRB Monitor does not include private Tier 2 or Tier 3 businesses that do not have a connection to a publicly-traded CRB.

All newly-identified CRBs during the week:

Company Name




Instadose Pharma Corp.

(OTC Pink: INSD)

1B Owner/ Investor

Instadose, based in the U.S. and Canada, is establishing a large commercial outdoor growing, cultivation, production and global distribution platform for medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil. Instadose's Global Distribution Platform spans five (5) world continents. Within each continent, Instadose is establishing operational subsidiaries and joint venture partnerships to secure access to government-issued licenses and permits.

Currently, Instadose has hemp cultivation operations in India and marijuana (medical) production operations in Macedonia. Instadose also has an Option to acquire Maribec Health Products Inc., a licensed Canadian cannabis cultivator. Per its own admission, Instadose "will commence the process of obtaining all Health Canada Approvals and completing the Option."

Trees Corporation


1B Owner/ Investor

Trees Corporation is an independent Canadian retail cannabis operator that is deeply rooted in the cannabis community and has been a respected voice of advocacy for cannabis legalization. There are 10 Trees branded storefronts in Canada, including six (6) in Ontario and four (4) in British Columbia.

Active Health Foods, Inc.

(OTC Pink: AHFD)


Owner/ Investor

Active Health Foods, Inc., which is focused in the crypto and NFT space through its subsidiary CoinChamp, created a joint venture to form a California corporation to enter the California cannabis marketplace. The joint venture will be provided an option to purchase a 51% controlling position in Tier 1A “The Hub Craft, LLC”

SusGlobal Energy Corp.



Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals

SusGlobal is a biotechnology company and the developer of SusGro, an award winning, revolutionary and pathogen-free organic liquid fertilizer. Per its own admission, the company generates revenue from and has customers in the cannabis industry, among others.


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