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Cannabis-Linked Securities | Weekly Update | December 13 - 19, 2021
Published on December 22, 2021

CRB Monitor Securities Database Updates

During the week of Monday December 13, 2021, CRB Monitor’s research team made several updates to securities and added source documents and relevant news articles to the CRB Monitor database.

Summary of the updates for the Week of Monday December 13, 2021:


Total #

Active / Inactive



Net Change

Tier 1A


88 / 18

+0 -0 +0

Tier 1B


578 / 108

+1 -0 +1

Tier 2


321 / 26

+0 -1 -1

Tier 3


550 / 21

+4 -0 +4

Total Issuances


1,537 / 173


-1 +4

Total Issuers




-1 +4


  • Added 1 Tier 1B Security:
    • +1 = “Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc.” (Last week CRB Monitor removed Emerald Health from its database due to Emerald's explicit intent to completely exit the cannabis industry. - "On November 29, 2021, the Company announced its intention to dispose of its cannabis production and sales business and pivot to a pharmaceutical development focus. As a result, effective November 29, 2021, the Company's cannabis production and sales business will be classified as assets held for sale." - While Emerald Health is clearly exiting cannabis, it technically still has a hand in it until all of its cannabis assets are sold/disposed of. Therefore, CRB Monitor has restored this record to its database and labeled all subsidiaries as "Sale Pending". Emerald Health will not be removed until there is 100% confirmation that all cannabis assets have officially been disposed of.)
  • Removed 1 Tier 2 Security:
    • -1 = Remove from DB & Add to  Watchlist: “Callitas Health Inc.” (Rationale = Security officially delisted from the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE), no longer trades on any exchanges.)
  • Added 4 Tier 3 Securities: 
    • +1 = New CRB (“UC Asset LP”)
    • +1 = New CRB (“Satellos Bioscience Inc.”)
    • +1 = New CRB (“CleanGo Innovations Inc.”)
    • +1 = New CRB (“CGS International, Inc.”)

All newly-identified CRBs during the week:

Company Name





UC Asset LP


3 Real Estate

Limited partnership real estate investment company; Signed a LOI with an Oklahoma cannabis property owner and licensed medical marijuana grower, to acquire its property, which it plans to lease back to licensed growers.


Satellos Bioscience Inc.


3 Pharma & Biotech

A regenerative medicine company; Entered into a Joint Development Agreement to develop an oral formulation of cannabidiol ("CBD") for the over-the-counter market.


CleanGo Innovations Inc.


3 Personal Products

Specializes in the development of early staged, ESG, green, non-toxic and sustainable technology companies; Announced that it has received Health Canada certification for its hemp-based hand cream topical sanitizer.


CGS International, Inc.

(OTC Pink: CGSI)

3 Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals

Produces organic growth supplements for plants that can be applied as a soil amendment and/or foliar spray. The Company products include GENESIS 89 and GENESIS 89 Gold. The GENESIS 89 product provide plant nutrition that both enriches the soil and nourishes the plant. GENESIS 89 product is shipped as concentrate to commercial growers.

Genesis 89 Gold is blended specifically for use and deployment in the cannabis industry. "In addition to GENESIS 89, we have uniquely blended our trace minerals in a manner which has significant effect on the Cannabis Plant, we are marketing this product directly to the Cannabis industry under the name "GENESIS 89 GOLD".



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