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ACAMS Southern California: 5th Annual AMS Symposium
Published on June 10, 2022


The Real Deal On Cannabis Lending

CRB Monitor's Founder and CEO, Steven Kemmerling, will be moderating the panel "The Real Deal On Cannabis Lending" on June 24 at the ACAMS Southern California Chapter's 5th Annual AML Symposium in Commerce, CA. Panelists Michael O'Neil, Director of Cannabis Banking Services, and Victoria Freeney, Commercial Lender, both with for Stearns Bank N.A., will discuss the latest in cannabis banking and cannabis commercial mortgage lending. 

CRB Monitor helps financial institutions to effectively manage and monetize cannabis-related risk and opportunity. By aggregating and monitoring data on 62,000+ direct marijuana-related businesses, 100,000+ beneficial owners, and 156,000+ marijuana licenses, and 1,400+ cannabis-linked securities, CRB Monitor is the most comprehensive database on the cannabis industry.

Registration for the ACAMS Southern California Chapter's 5th Annual AML Symposium is open to members and non-members now at this link.

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