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ACAMS Webinar: Proceeding with Care Around the Banking of Cannabis Products (aka Cannabis Banking in Canada)
Published on August 11, 2021


CRB Monitor's Steve Kemmerling will be the moderating this virtual event on September 7, 2021 joined by David Denomme of BMO Financial Group, Lea Power of BMO Financial Group, and Derek Ramm of the Gaming Commission of Ontario. During this live event, these industry experts will explain and dissect the cannabis and hemp banking industry electronic payment needs from a Canadian perspective and how those lessons may apply to banking cannabis in the USA.

Key Points To Be Covered:

  • Summarizing the financial products available to the cannabis industry, such as cash deposits, payments and merchant services
  • Evaluating the challenge points in banking cannabis customers and additional controls requirements
  • Managing the risk-based approach to balance business and controlling law enforcement risks

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ACAMS is the largest international membership organization for Anti-Financial Crime professionals supporting individuals and organizations who are dedicated to ending financial crime through thought leadership, continuing professional education, and our best-in-class peer network.

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