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ACAMS Las Vegas: 2021 Conference
Published on August 27, 2021


ACAMS Largest Gathering of AFC Professionals

On September 28th, CRB Monitor's founder and CEO, Steve Kemmerling will be part of a panel discussion: Getting into the Weeds of Managing Cannabis Banking Risks.  The risk management session will be a blunt talk about:

  • Assessing legality of various marijuana-related entities across business footprint to detail vulnerabilities, resolve regulatory conflicts and establish institutional risk appetite  
  • Creating risk management models that include tools such as MRB onboarding protocols, ongoing KYC and protocols to address ancillary exposure from non-MRB clients
  • Keeping oversight robust with refreshed client reviews, ongoing training and updating senior management to ensure uniform cannabis risk management policies across enterprise

The risk management discussion will begin at 11:30 a.m. PST. Register for the event here.

This three-day training and networking event, September 27 - September 29, will gather high-level financial regulators, law enforcement officials and subject-matter experts to discuss the most pressing challenges facing the compliance sector today. Since early last year, AML professionals have faced back-to-back global crises — from domestic disorders, to the COVID-19 pandemic, sophisticated cybercrime and fraud schemes, to the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020. 

AFC professionals attending from the private and public sectors will gain the methods and tools to make their compliance programs stronger from acclaimed keynote speakers, to workshops, panels and in-depth presentations. As part of its effort to bring the compliance community together, ACAMS will provide the opportunity to hear from the best minds, on timely and important topics to come away with a whole new perspective

Subject-Matter Experts


Dr. William Scott Grob, CAMS-FCI, CGSS, AML Director – Americas, ACAMS


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