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ACAMS Alabama Chapter Webinar: CRB Monitor Founder & CEO Presents
Published on September 30, 2020


Steve Kemmerling, CRB Monitor Founder & CEO, virtually presented to the Alabama Chapter of ACAMS on September 24, 2020 to help clarify the differences between marijuana, hemp and CBD.  This provided the framework to review best practices and common pitfalls regarding a firm's policies and procedures as it relates to cannabis.  Much of the presentation was aimed to help educate the Alabama chapter members on how to develop a risk-based framework for categorizing cannabis related businesses.

Access the recording here. Passcode: CtwnF8!m

To delve further into the differences between marijuana, hemp and CBD, check out our blogs Cannabis Cheat Sheet for Compliance Officers and The ABC's of CBD.

ACAMS Alabama Chapter

The Alabama ACAMS Chapter launched in 2017 and was formed to advance the professional knowledge, skills, and experience of anti-money laundering professionals in the state. The chapter was founded by an Executive Board composed of state-wide AML professionals to assist the international association in its mission to advance the professional knowledge, skills, and experience of those dedicated to the detection and prevention of money laundering and to combating the financing of terrorism.

The Chapter serves AML professionals across Alabama by providing meaningful opportunities for ongoing professional development and networking. It is a resource for financial institutions and related businesses to identify specialists in the rapidly expanding anti-money laundering field with meetings and events of local interest available to members and non-members. The chapter is committed to developing deeper relationships with others sharing a passion and a commitment to protecting their company, customers and communities served.

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