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Cannabis-Linked Securities | Weekly Update | June 13 - 19, 2022
Published on June 22, 2022

CRB Monitor Securities Database Updates

During the week of June 13 - 19, 2022, CRB Monitor’s research team made several updates to securities and added source documents and relevant news articles to the CRB Monitor database.

Summary of the updates for the Week of June 13 - 19, 2022:


Total #

Active / Inactive



Net Change

Tier 1A


125 / 21 / 2

+1 -0 +1

Tier 1B


594 / 123 / 3

+3 -1 +2

Tier 2


340 / 22 / 4

+3 -0 +3

Tier 3


544 / 25 / 1

+0 -1 -1

Total Issuances


1,603 / 191 / 10

+7 -2 +5

Total Issuers   (w/o Pre-IPOs)



+4 -2 +2

Total Issuers    (w/ Pre-IPOs)



+4 -2 +2


  • Added 1 Tier 1A Security:
    • +1 = New CRB (“Celadon Pharmaceuticals Plc”)
  • Added 3 Tier 1B Securities & Removed 1 Tier 1B Security:
    • +3 = New Securities (Convertible Debts) Added to Existing Issuer (“Aleafia Health Inc.”)
    • -1 = Removed CRB from Database (“FSD Pharma Inc.”)
      • Rationale = Per its own admission: "Between March 2018 and June 2020, the Company made investments in and entered into agreements with a number of cannabis-related ventures (the “Cannabis Investments”). All material Cannabis Investments have been liquidated or terminated." "As a result, the Company is no longer engaged in cannabis-related activities." As a result, FSD Pharma Inc. no longer qualifies as a CRB.
  • Added 3 Tier 2 Securities:
    • +1 = New CRB (“Voyager Life plc”)
    • +1 = New CRB (“TECC Capital Plc”)
    • +1 = New CRB (“Pharma C Investments Plc”)
  • Removed 1 Tier 3 Security:
    • -1 = Removed CRB from Database (“BIGG Digital Assets Inc.”)
      • Rationale = BIGG Digital Assets Inc., formerly BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc., was previously involved in the cannabis industry through a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Glance Technologies Inc. Glance was a leading mobile payments company which had licensing agreements with companies in the cannabis sector, among others. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this agreement is still in effect. The company subsequently changed its name and there is no evidence to suggest that it has any connection to the cannabis industry at this point in time. As a result, BIGG Digital Assets Inc. no longer qualifies as a CRB.

All newly-identified CRBs during the week:

Company Name


Pure-Play Sector


Celadon Pharmaceuticals Plc


1A Yes Licensed CRB Celadon Pharmaceuticals Plc is a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical company with a primary focus on growing indoor hydroponic high-quality cannabis initially for use within the chronic pain market. Celadon has a Home Office License allowing it to legally grow high THC medicinal cannabis in the UK for the purpose of producing test batches of cannabis oil.

Voyager Life plc


2 Yes Personal Products Voyager Life plc is a United Kingdom-based company that offers a range of health and wellness products containing cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil. The Company's products include oils, gummies (chewable sweets), bath products and skincare products, which are available online through the Company's Website and through third-party websites.

TECC Capital Plc


2 Yes SPAC TECC Capital Plc is a United Kingdom-based SPAC which is engaged in identifying and acquiring a suitable business opportunity. One of its areas of focus will be "Life sciences (including medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) wellness),” among others.

Pharma C Investments Plc


2 Yes SPAC Pharma C Investments Plc is a United Kingdom-based SPAC focused on identifying investment opportunities in the medicinal cannabis sector with a particular focus on the United Kingdom, Europe and Israel, that are internationally recognized for the research and production of medicinal cannabis.


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